Septic system cleaner for “Emergency” Situations
• Opens blockages and deposits by adding a bacteria
• Digest proteins, starch and other organic wastes from households
• Destroys sludge
• Restores natural balance
• One bottle (946 ml) is used for tank of 5678 lit.

K – 570 is a next generation concentrated bacterial product used more than 50 years. It allows adding more enzymes and more concentrated attacks the problem area. It prevents system failure and more rapidly breaks drain field clogs. When drainage fields are clogged, septic tanks and cesspools fills up very quickly. Using K – 570 prevents system failure, destroys organic waste, food and starch and restores drain system functions.

Directions/ for sewers and stand pipes/:

1.Use during the nighttime before going to bed.
2. Shake the bottle before use. Pour the whole bottle into the toilet. Run the water 2 times.
3. Use sink, toilet, bathroom and washers less as possible during the next 24 hours.

Follow the above described instructions. If the problems continue, after 2 weeks repeat the instructions and continue (if necessary) every 2 weeks until drainage is unlocked and restores the drainage system. When the normal function of the drain system is restored, treat the system with K-47 (according to given instructions).

Non – flammable.
CAUTION: Harmful if taken internally.
Keep out of children.