Preventative solution
• Naturally dissolves solids, paper and sludge
• Decrease odor
• Prevents new blockages and deposits of cesspools
• Restores natural balance of the system
• One bottle (946 ml) is used for tank volume of 1895 lit
Cesspools can get out of balance when determinate detergents and chemicals appear into the system, which leads to unpleasant odors and drainage problems. Patented K – 47 bacteria restores the natural balance by stimulating effective and rapid destruction of solids and effective functioning of the system. Bacteria contained in K-47 destroys paper and sludge.

Directions/ for sewers and stand pipes/:

1. Use during the nighttime.
2. Shake the whole quantity before use in the toilet.
3. Rinse with water at least 2 times and let it stand 6 to 8 hours before running the water again.
4. Repeat 2 times of the year.

Non – flammable.
CAUTION: Harmful if taken internally.
Keep out of children.